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This is a simple, but charming quilt and would look good with your favorite doll.  It goes together quickly and you will want to make several for yourself and for gifts.  Pattern includes directions for a One Patch variation.

One Patch

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Often overlooked as a potential pattern because of its simplicity, the four patch offers a wide variety in methods of construction, size of quilts, and setting combinations.  Quilt shown here is doll sized but the pattern also includes directions for a full sized four patch quilt.

Four Patch

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Both patterns are included.  For the Heart Quilt you will choose between hand appliqué or the buttonhole embroidery method and you will learn a quick piecing technique for the bowtie quilt.  Both are very charming and will make wonderful additions to your Lady of the Lake doll quilt collection.

Hearts and Bowties

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This quilt was inspired by antique utility quilts.  It is shown in “dirty pink”, burgundy, cadet blue, brown, and tan.  Directions are also included for a doll size quilt using your scraps.

Mohawk Trails

Approx. size 19 1/2” x 24 1/2”

Approx. size 18 1/2” x 24 ”

Approx. size 20 1/2” x 27 3/4 ”

Approx. size 24 1/2” x 30 3/4 ”

Approx. size 16 3/4” x 22 1/4”

Approx. size 18 1/4” x 22 1/4”

Approx. size 10 1/2” x 12”

Approx. size 14 1/2” x 18 1/2”

Hearts Approx. size 16 1/2” x 20 1/2”

Bowties Approx. size 17” x 20”

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Always a  favorite, the bear paw is shown here in black, red, cadet blue, and tan.  This is a scrap quilt, but only two fabrics are used in each block.

Bear Paw

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The schoolhouse block is a perennial favorite.  The quilt shown here is a lap quilt but can be enlarged to any size quilt by making more of the eight inch blocks.  Cutting directions are also included for making four-inch blocks for a doll quilt.  Rotary cutting is used throughout.


Price: $7.00 plus $1.00 Shipping


This quilt is made with the easy Yankee Puzzle block set together in the strippy fashion.  It is shown here in a comforter size but can easily be enlarged to accommodate your needs.  Cutting directions are include for the doll-size quilt also shown on the cover. Instructions included for fan quilting design.

Yankee Puzzle

Price: $7.00 plus $1.00 Shipping


This charming garland and miniature tree skirt are just the right size for a 24” tree, while the large tree skirt is for a full-size tree.

Pinwheel Garland

Approx. size 63” x 75 1/4”

Approx. size 56” x 65”

Approx. size 64” x 74”

Approx. size 70” square

Lady of the Lake Patterns and Quilts

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Text Box: This quilt is the first in my series of doll quilts.  Make one for your favorite teddy bear, center one on a table, hang one on the wall, drape one in a basket, or make one for a friend.  The possibilities are endless.

Lady of the Lake

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This quilt is the second in my series of doll quilts.  It is shown here in reproduction fabrics .  Let your imagination guide you, for example, make one in burgundy and navy for a patriotic holiday or burgundy and hunter green for Christmas.  Have fun!

Sawtooth Star

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This quilt is the third in my series of doll quilts.  It is a variation on the Churn Dash.  This size would look nice centered on a table or draped over a bench with a wooden bowl or basket placed on top.  Let your imagination be your guide.

Double Churn Dash

Price : $7.00 plus  $1.00 Shipping


This quilt is the fourth in my series of doll quilts.  It is a small version of the quilt in the class that I teach on “Getting the antique look.”  Twelve blocks are needed to make this size but it would also look good with six blocks.  Pattern also includes directions on how to cut continuous bias binding.

Chimney Sweep

Price : $7.00 plus  $1.00 Shipping


This quilt is the fifth in my series of doll quilts.  It is shown here in brick reds, blacks, and tans.  Drape one in a basket or hang one on a wall.  Pattern also includes directions for making a sleeve.

Flower Basket

Price: $7.00 plus $1.00 Shipping


This quilt is the sixth in the doll quilt series.  This quick and easy pattern will teach you how to rotary cut the trapezoid shape needed for this block.  Directions are also included for a full sized quilt with a random pieced border.


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